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About Our Kittens

Nepsa Grey Cattery is a boutique cattery located in Kentucky.

We are proud to offer some of the most beautiful and healthy kittens you’ll find anywhere. Our cattery is dedicated to top-quality cats that will make wonderful companions for years to come.

All of our kittens are raised in our home with lots of love and attention, and are well-socialized with both humans and other cats. We believe that early socialization is key to producing friendly, confident cats that will adapt well to their new homes.

We take great care to ensure that our kittens are healthy and free from any genetic defects. We work closely with our veterinarian to make sure that all of our cats are up to date on their vaccinations and receive regular checkups. We also feed our cats a high-quality diet to keep them in the best possible health.

When you adopt a kitten from our cattery, you can be assured that you are getting a healthy, well-adjusted pet that will be a joy to own. We provide all of our customers with a health guarantee, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your new kitten.

Thank you for considering our cattery as a source for your new feline friend. We look forward to helping you find the perfect kitten to bring into your home!

You can expect your kitten to come home with all age appropriate vaccinations, dewormings, microchipped, a USDA Health Certificate to fit them for travel outside of Kentucky and with a one year genetic loss guarantee.

We pride ourselves on being a FIV/FLV NEGATIVE cattery and any kittens sold over 6 months old will come home with verification of a negative test.

Along with breeding our very own kittens we also work closely with 2 European breeders to provide top notch felines here in the USA. Those kittens will come with the same screening and health promises as we have made above.